Dear Aristella Swissflair friends
I would like to introduce you to some of my favourite hikes and the bike tour around Zermatt, which are not everyday, but which I like especially well. I show my sound location to the alphorn players, away from the hustle and bustle with a good echo.


In the middle of hectic Bahnhofstrasse, the trail turns to the west at Hotel Post in the direction of Edelweiss. It leads somewhat steeply upwards. Soon you will reach the last houses. After another 7 minutes the trail turns to the right, and you reach the sound site at the last “Gädi” (historic old barn). Here you can blow the alphorn in the direction of the rock face and enjoy the echo. I will gladly play a few pieces with you!

Mountainbike Trail Zermatt


This is a cool downhill ride over the MTB trail to Täsch, and then an altitude difference of 750 metres through forest and meadows to the Europaweg trail. Then there is also a short climb high up to Arbzug with a view of the Matterhorn before the ride proceeds leisurely downhill to Mossjesee. An easy climb brings us via Gant and Grünsee to Riffelbord. From here it goes steeply down to Furi and via the Flow Trail back to Aristella.


We take the easy hike from Schwarzsee via Stafelalp and Zmutt to Zermatt several times during the snow-free period. The panorama from Schwarzsee is breath-taking and offers a beautiful panoramic view, while the Matterhorn casts a spell over you. During a rest in the cosy Restaurant Stafelalp you can really enjoy the breath-taking view of the Matterhorn north face as well as the Zmutt Glacier. After admiring the high alpine natural surroundings you now hike relaxed and further through the forest and meadows over the small hamlet of Zmutt back to Zermatt. At the entrance to the village you can take another photo of the Matterhorn and walk satisfied back to Aristella.


The trail up to Wisshorn (2936 m) is located in the northwest of Zermatt. It is steep and for me it is the ideal trail for training to climb one of the surrounding four- thousand-metre mountains afterwards. The “Wild West of Zermatt” is pure nature. Here you meet only the right hikers, no cable car and no road helps to provide assistance. You can only reach the summit with muscle power and sweat. For the ascent I choose the direct, very steep trail from Zermatt via the Schweifinen fixed-cable climb and the slightly less steep trail via Trift and Edelweiss back to Zermatt. The panorama from the Wisshorn is phenomenal, because you can marvel at all the mountains around Zermatt. And you only have to share this panorama at most with the eagles and bearded vultures, because you are usually alone on the summit. On the way home I also stop off to visit Rico at Edelweiss to enjoy the world-famous carrot cake and the fabulous view of Zermatt.

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